Antonie Bolland


I was born in The Hague in The Netherlands on the 11th of December 1949.


When I was 3 years old in South Africa my parents took me to a show of Tommy Steele. After that I wanted a guitar. My parents bought me a baby guitar. I couldn't play a note but was singing as loud as I could outside at the entrance of our flat in Cape Town. I wanted to be a pop-artist and finally became one.
I have lived in South Africa twice as a kid and as a teenager, together about 9-10 years. I have also lived in the former West Germany as a teenager, Ibiza, Italy, Spain, Portugal and The Netherlands were I was borne in The Hague. In the seventies and eighties I made some (6) records as a singer songwriter in the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. When still in South Africa I was 14-15 years old I thought my brothers Rob & Ferdi how to sing and at a later stage forced them to learn how to play guitar and organ. After giving them a GIG that was meant for me they got discovered by a record company plugger. Shortly after they signed a record contract I did as well.

In 1988 I met a girl of nearly 18 years old the most beautiful woman you can imagine and 21 years younger than me(cradle snatcher). However she wanted me to stop recording, performing and composing music, so no more music business for me. After 25 years of marriage I divorced her because she fell in love with a 12 year younger co-worker. After emigrating for exactly 2 years to Spain I returned to The Netherlands on the 25th of Juli 2013 when I got divorced. I returned to Spain and then returned to The Netherlands on the 31st of Juli 2013. In 2014 I started composing again and still am to this day.  At the end of last year I received an e-mail from a woman in London who was coming to The Netherlands to visit family. She had been in the same emigration camp in South Africa as my mother, me and my 2 younger brothers. She had 3 brothers. It seems they were always listening outside when we were rehearsing in a little house meant for many purposes. She and her 3 brothers were so impressed that they took guitar lessons. These boys got a record contract in South Africa. When they returned to England they started performing and they still are. How a 14 year old boy with a guitar and his 2 singing younger brothers 5,5 years and 4,5 years younger than me could have inspired 3 other young boys to start playing music and getting a record deal is above me. I taught my younger brothers Rob & Ferdi everything I could teach them about music which resulted in a record contract and a number one hit in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Later number one hits around the world with among others "Falco".

I set up the publishing company for my brothers "Bolland & Bolland" Company

Le Disque Holland B.V. and was in charge of leading Le Disque Music Publishing and finding new talent. I have recorded different records with different Record Company´s under different artist names. I have had my own companies some in the music business and others in different areas of business.

When I got married to a very beautiful 21 year younger woman just 18 years old she asked me to stop recording records, performing and composing music so no more music business for me.

In Juli 2011 I started a divorce, she had started a relationship with one of her colleges at her work. In September 2013 I was divorced.

At the end of Juli 2011 I emigrated to Spain for exactly 2 years. I returned to The Netherlands at the end of Juli 2I13. At the end of 2014 I started composing music again and I am still going strong, I hope.


This is a thought that has been making me think about life and death and which I find weird, why? The answer could be overpopulation, which makes sense.
Every living creation on earth starts dying as soon as it is born.
This must be in our D & A. 
Although I have heard that there is or are very few creations that have overcome this problem. Is this out of necessity of the salvation of their species, because of predators? That could be a reason or maybe aliens?
This thought keeps returning in my mind, maybe because of my age 71 years young?

Antonie Bolland